About K&D Joinery

K&D Joinery was started by Larry Kearns in 1984, manufacturing traditional purpose-made joinery from a small workshop in the East End of London. Starting in the arches in Leytonstone, K&D Joinery is 40 years in business with a passion for joinery. After receiving an increasing demand for his windows, doors and stairs, the business grew rapidly. Larry employed more staff to assist with the estimating and surveying, experienced Joiners and Cabinet Makers. The company thrived for many years in Leytonstone until a move was required to expand due to the increased demand. Larry moved the company to Marsh Gate Lane, Stratford in 1996 after 12 years in Leytonstone.

Marshgate Lane, Stratford

In July 2005 the momentous decision was made to award London the 2012 Olympics. This changed the direction of the company dramatically. Like many businesses directly affected by the London Development Agency’s plans for the new Olympic Park, K&D Joinery had to relocate. Larry’s search for new premises revealed an empty factory on a 1.5-acre site in Chequers Lane Dagenham. He purchased the site, he expanded and renovated the existing building. K&D Joinery moved to Chequers Lane, Dagenham in late 2006.

Chequers Lane, Dagenham

Adding office space, machinery and improved facilities for manufacturing, glazing, decorating and finishing. The building was transformed into a superb joinery manufacturing facility. With the workspace on one level, the company created an efficient joinery production facility. This enabled production and capacity to rapidly grow. 

As K&D Joinery’s capacity grows, the attention to quality and service is the focus of how we develop the business.

Dagenham new build

In 2018 the factory expanded once again adding a two-story building at the back of the 1.5 acres Dagenham site. Increasing the manufacturing capacity to over 50,000ft2 with the new 21,000ft2 building. A larger capacity for our cabinetry and staircase departments, a showroom and a larger office space for the estimators and CAD team. K&D Joinery now has five CNC fully automated machines, two Masterwood and three Biesse. All of which are 5-axis machines capable of producing the most complex of joints and detailing, adding to the diversity of the range of joinery and products the company produces. The increase in manufacturing facilities and finishing space allows us to take on a variety of residential and commercial projects of small and large scale with a quick lead time turnaround. 

40 years of Local, Quality, Bespoke Craftsman Manufacturing

We currently employ over 100 local joinery craftsmen, fitters, apprentices and office staff; creating a passionate team environment. This is reflected in the quality of our products and services. K&D Joinery continues to reinvest in its production facilities.

If you would like a quote or would like to talk to someone with expert advice, if you have any enquiries or questions please send us an e-mail via info@kandd.org or give us a call at 020 8526 7020 or enquire online.

The K & D Joinery Workshop
The K & D Joinery Workshop
The K & D Joinery Workshop