fensa scheme certification accreditation

FENSA stands for Fenestration Self-Assessment Scheme. This scheme is a government-authorized regulatory body operating within the United Kingdom that was established in April of 2002. The aim of FENSA is to oversee and regulate the installation of replacement windows and doors in residential properties, FENSA plays a vital role in ensuring the compliance with prevailing building regulations and standards.

This regulatory scheme operates by providing accreditation to professional installers and monitoring their engagement in the replacement of windows and doors. By creating guidelines that must be adhered to, it allows FENSA-registered installers commitment in delivering top quality installations that meet or exceed the established regulatory requirements.

What Are The Benefits of FENSA? 

  1. Compliance with Building Regulations – Having FENSA as a regulatory authority acts as a safeguard regarding the upholding of standards which promotes professionalism, safety and energy efficiency of homes in regard to the compliance of window and door installation.

  2. FENSA Certification – Homeowners receive a FENSA certificate upon the completion of their window and door installation which provides evidence that the work has been carried out to the required standards. This certificate comes in need when selling a property as it is a testament to the quality and regulatory compliance of the installation process which then influences the perceived value of the property.

  3. Time and Cost Savings – Using a FENSA-registered installer can save time and money for both the homeowners and installers. This method eliminates the use of a third-party building control authority to inspect the property, simplifying the process.

  4. Consumer Protection – FENSA offers customers guaranteed protection by providing an insurance-backed guarantee for the installation work. This assures that if the installer goes out of business, the guarantee still holds, providing peace of mind for homeowners.

  5. Quality Assurance – FENSA sets high standards for its registered installers, promoting quality workmanship. Homeowners can have confidence that their window and door installations are being carried out by professionals who adhere to industry standards.

  6. Enhanced Property Value – A property having FENSA certification can enhance and increase the value. Potential buyers often see FENSA certification as a sign that a property has undergone quality window and door installations that meet regulatory standards.

  7. Environmental Considerations – FENSA promotes energy efficiency in window and door installations. This not only benefits homeowners in terms of reduced energy bills but also contributes to the overall goal of creating more environmentally sustainable homes for the future.


In essence, FENSA serves as a regulatory authority that upholds standards, promotes professionalism within the window and door installation industry, and provides tangible benefits to both homeowners and installers through its certification, consumer protection, and quality assurance processes.     

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