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Healthy forestation is vital to keep our environment healthy. They are quite literally the main contributor for the air we breathe. They take in our CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) and convert it into O2 (Oxygen) to allow us continue to live. We depend on forestry, whether we acknowledge it directly or not. Forestry is also what animals rely on for habitats, that’s their home, just like we have our homes. Over 80% of amphibians, 75% of birds and 68% of mammals are heavily dependent on forestry to allow them to continue to live. These reasons emphasize the importance to have an ethical, governmental body to oversee the process of sustainable forest management., from the harvesting of the wood to the final product – the reason we have the FSC.

Who Is FSC & What Do They Do?

FSC is an acronym for the Forest Stewardship Council. This is an international, non-governmental organization, whose mission is to promote environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial, and economically viable management of the world’s forests. The FSC was established in 1994 and has now expanded to become the world’s most trustworthy and widespread forest certification system.

Function of FSC

The primary function of FSC is to set standards for responsible forest management and sourcing, which include, ecological, social and economic criteria. The FSC provides certification to companies involved in the process of harvesting the raw materials from forests and to ensure that their methods of harvesting are ethically maintained, in addition to the protection of rights for forestry workers and forest dwellers. Additional certification is provided for the Chain of Custody.

Chain of Custody

The Chain of Custody provides certification verifying that the FSC-Certified material has been identified and separated from the general, non-certified and uncontrolled material. It looks beyond just the providing of wood to the company. It looks at how the wood is processed, manufactured, and distributed to ensure the integrity of the FSC Certification and that it’s maintained throughout the whole product’s journey.

Throughout the supply chain, businesses must ensure that they are maintaining accurate records and documentation to track the origin, quantity and movement of FSC-certified materials. Types of documents include, invoices, purchase orders, shipping manifests, and other documents that demonstrate compliance with FSC requirements.

K&D Joinery’s Duty

K&D Joinery purchases FSC Certified raw materials for our production of joinery products and we adhere to all necessary guidelines to maintain our Chain of Custody. We are dedicated to promoting sustainable forest management, conservation of biodiversity, protection of indigenous rights, mitigation of climate change and supporting the well-being of forest dependent communities.